Providing clients, installers, designers and architects with a unique, flexible and cost effective solution for indoor suspended structures.

  • Provides an unlimited range of complex shapes and designs
  • Pre-fabricated for quick installation
  • Optional integrated lighting
  • Dramatic cost reduction and installation time
  • Quality assured manufacturing environment
  • Lightweight construction allowing for larger structures
  • Sustainable, reusable and recyclable

The EASi-Raft Concept

The EASi-Raft modular lighting raft system is designed around a simplified core set of primitive shapes and modules. When combined, these core shapes provide an extremely innovative and flexible method of construction capable of delivering ceiling rafts in an unlimited number of designs.

All EASi-Raft module dimensions are designed to conform with standard suspended ceiling grids and are capable of receiving standard and non-standard light fittings.

EASi-Raft Key Features

  • Pre-fabricated modular sections
  • 2 coats water based paint as standard
  • A full range of finishes can be applied
  • Installation is up to 80% quicker
  • Significantly lighter than traditional methods
  • Completely demountable and re-useable
  • Capital expenditure efficient

EASi-Raft Quadrant Module

The EASi-Raft Quadrant module is the simplest method of producing circular suspended light rafts in a range of depths and diameters.

Available in 1200mm, 600mm and 300mm varients, it takes just four matching Quadrant modules to create circular light rafts of 2400mm, 1200mm and 600mm diameter. All Quadrants are available in standard depths from 50mm to 200mm.

When combined with our square or rectangle modules, the quadrant adds smooth and attractive contours to an unlimited number of light raft designs.

Each quadrant is supplied pre-finished and comes with 3 integrated and adjustable mounting points designed for fast and efficient installation.

Example Designs

2400mm Circle Lighting Raft (53.6Kg)
4S1212/501200mm x 1200mm x 50mm Square13.40Kg
4800 x 1400 Rounned End Light Raft (80.4Kg)
2S1212/501200mm x 1200mm x 50mm Square13.40Kg
4S1212/501200mm x 1200mm x 50mm Square13.40Kg
4800x4800mm Cloverleaf Light Raft (160.8Kg)
8S1212/501200mm x 1200mm x 50mm Square13.40Kg
4S1212/501200mm x 1200mm x 50mm Square13.40Kg
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Easi-Raft Modular Raft System
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